What’s The Recipe For Success With Content Marketing?

If figures are any validation that content marketing is vital for your business then consider this that almost 2 million blog posts are published in one day. Not long ago, content was updated every few months or so, but today the figures of content marketing are unmatched. In this world of content haze, how can a business that knows how important content is make its mark? Let’s look at some proven strategies that contribute to your content marketing success:

Develop Buyer Personas

The first step to a successful content strategy is defining its target audience. Unless you know, specifically who the content is targeted at you, you will be unable to add any real value to your business. In this regard, it is important to develop buyer personas. This is data that helps determine the specifics of your buyers such as their age, interests, problems, and challenges. Once you have these, you can then target personas most important to your business through meaningful content that will be specific.

Promote It Right

Most marketers have a basic understanding of content promotion through online channels and that they think is through Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. While these are the most used channels, you also need to move beyond this and use other ways to promote your content in the right way. Unless you do that, you will leave a large target audience untapped. Focus on building relationships instead of direct selling. You can promote through

Guest Blogs

Guest blogs bring credibility and allow you to expand your outreach by writing high quality guests posts for other blogs in your niche, which your target audience also visits.

Email Lists

Email lists consist of your most trusted customers and guaranteed readers. Email lists are a good way to connect and update your customer base which also becomes your word of mouth marketers.


Participate in forums to get your content into limelight by offering advice, troubleshooting problems and essentially directing traffic to your own website. Forums are also a great place to network and partner with other marketers and bloggers who can help promote you.



Be a Great Storyteller

Marketers have understood the importance of publishing new content on a daily or weekly basis, but a problem shared across the board is producing engaging content that allows you to interact with your customer.

How can you make your voice heard over the clutter? A key strategy to use is storytelling and a personal touch. You need to tell the customers your unique brand story because it’s the only thing that will differentiate you from the others. Whatever type of content you publish whether it is blogs or videos, include a personal touch so that your target audience finds a reason to connect with you.


If you want to succeed with your content strategy make sure you are targeting specific high quality content to your relevant audience, through the right channels and on a consistent basis.

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