Viral Marketing Campaigns for Great Success?

In marketing industry, sometimes, digital marketing teams do find it difficult to penetrate brands into markets even after a planned execution. One may find ample reasons that challenge the brand to audience outreach. In order to understand the reasons behind failures, marketers will have to make a systematic evaluation at the end of the campaign and yet might fail to analyze. In a similar manner, digital online marketing teams may not find a viral success even after a rigorous planning, and its execution of brands. Experts say that if you cannot engineer virality, it never means you are short of success. At MobileBeat conference, Manish Chandra, Chief executive of Poshmark, spoke about few factors that can make a viral go success.

Customers do like to entertain conversation on issues they like the most, like making money, feeling smarter, etc. When you make a creative, make sure that conversation of such sort are entertained. Manish Chandra of Poshmark says when you are about to release next product or ad campaign try to portray a creative from the customers point of view. It will be for sure increase the rate of viral success. Many digital marketing companies have run their campaigns on different medium and every time when you see a viral success, it explains the cause of actions on social in larger numbers.

In 2015, Last year, there were many instances when brand companies made huge success in communicating their brands across communities and even marketing campaigns that ran over a social cause became successful.

Dove is a personal care brand labels under Unilever chose to host a beautiful You Tube campaign. Women had to choose one of the two ways setup at the entrance. Each way was named differently, average, and beautiful. In a day, some women looked at the board and entered through the pathway that stated average and others took the other pathway. What was the motive behind the digital marketing campaign? Dove wanted women to realize that they look beautiful and should take the path that defines beautiful. However, women who were conscious of their looks, make an entry through the ‘beautiful’ pathway. This advertisement on YouTube, made every women to think twice on body, mind and beauty. The main purpose of the campaign did serve and Dove beautiful campaign became one of the most successful online marketing strategies in 2015.

Many species across the world are getting extinct. In order to create a social awareness among masses, a campaign was set-in with Chimpanzee, Tiger, and Panda as main characters with small snippets. On  pin-interest, the campaign was launched with a hash tag, #lastselfie and it went viral on other social media as well

Mercedes Benz Car Company wanted to engage a great human interaction over Instagram. The company came up with a theme ‘build a GLA on Instagram’. The marketing campaign allowed the participants to build a car by selecting color, rims, window, and more. In this process, users could engage better without leaving the outlet of Instagram. It did start before 2015 and the digital marketing campaign had registered 20,000 new followers, and recorded 100,000 likes by the end of 2015.

Digital marketing have begun to focus on the viral advertising as a quick means to reach masses. Any marketer who is able to focus on the needs of customer, choices, and preferences can make viral most successful.

Primary: digital marketing (2.7 %) – 7 times repeated

Secondary:  online marketing (0.5 %) – one time: online marketing strategies:  –

Keeping view 2.7 percent for the primary

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