Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing Campaigns to Boost Engagement and Branding

Social media forms an integral part of any marketing campaign that includes online branding and engagement. This is because Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer access to billions of potential consumers and to make sure that you maximize your ROI, you have to consider social media marketing as an essential component of your digital strategy.

At Xpedient Digital, we help you increase your likes and followers on social media with paid and organic social marketing. This allows you to boost social media visibility and with effective content, you can turn your fans and followers into paying customers.

Creative Process

Once you choose to work with us, we will create a social media marketing plan for the following month; enlisting the number of posts to be made each day, planning the organic and paid marketing efforts, stating the prospected increase in fans and followers, and creating comprehensive social media tracking progress reports for transparency.

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Once you approve our plan, we will start with the social media management of all your profiles and whenever we create content, we will post it to your social media accounts to attract more eyeballs towards it.

With an award winning team that knows social media marketing inside-out, we manage all our clients’ activities and help you reduce the gap between your brand and your potential customers. Our services include (but are not limited to):

  • Social Media Posting – Increasing your page or profile activity with status updates, social posts, and content posts.
  • Content Marketing – Creating exclusive content for your social media pages, i.e. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Sharing content on your website or social media pages for greater visibility.
  • Social Engagement – Engaging with your fans, followers, and potential customers to reduce the traditional gap between you (the business) and your customers.
  • Social Marketing – Through quizzes, competitions, and other online events, we can develop brand interest and boost your image on social media.
  • Social Analytics – By tracking your online activity, we will provide highly accurate reports on our social media campaigns and how they have helped your business grow on the web!

As a self-confessed team of social media experts, we love to take on challenges that allow you to grow your audience, build reliable customer service, and promote brand loyalty; all at once!

With social media strategy and monitoring, we help you grow your business on social media and translate that into real-time productivity. You do not have to worry about the lack of activity and engagement on your social media channels any longer.

With Xpedient Digital on your side, you can create a brand that generates leads and online success!