Digital PR

Increase Brand Awareness and Loyalty through Our Digital PR Solutions!

Xpedient Digital can help your brand get discovered across various networks, both online and offline, through digital PR.

Our award winning team combines blog engagement, social media marketing, and paid strategies on content and social networks to boost your business’s presence and loyalty on the web. As a result, your content gets maximum outreach, allowing you to increase consumer interest in what you offer!

Creative Process

Digital PR is all about involving content and social media marketing as part of your online public relations.

Once you choose to work with us, we will align ourselves with your nature of business, your current and long term needs, and the current status of your digital PR. This will help us in creating strategies that are more aligned to your business needs and enable you to reach the targeted audience.

What makes our approach unique is that we have enviable lists of contacts in every possible niche. This allows you to leverage on improved visibility online, regardless of the nature of your business. Here is how we get started with your digital PR marketing!

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Blogger Engagement

Digital PR is the art of distributing digital content to influencers who can help boost your online image on various social and content-driven networks.

By combining our content and social media marketing efforts, we distribute your content across various media channels to boost credibility and reputation.

With our impressive list of existing contacts, we can market your business, products, and solutions to audiences that can improve your chances of conversions.

Paid Distribution

We also boast a dedicated team for promoting your content across paid content and social media discovery networks.

Paid distribution, combined with organic marketing, can help your business extend its outreach and gain more leads through content sharing.

Our content marketing specialists will create engaging, relevant, and optimized content to make it rank higher in search engines. This, combined with paid distribution, increases the prospects of your content going viral, giving your business prime visibility on the internet!

Comprehensive Digital PR and Analytics

Every business online operates to leverage on the digital marketing tools that are now available.

This is what Xpedient Digital Media aims to provide. With our impressive network of bloggers, editors, social media users, online publishers, and influencers across owned and earned media, we guarantee that your business can leverage on growth online and in real time.

As a leading digital marketing firm, we strive to serve our clients with digital PR that can help them win over the right audience at the right time to boost branding.

With the help of Google AdWords and analytics tools, we help you measure the effectiveness of each action we perform on the web with greater transparency.

Xpedient Digital Media takes pride in offering you comprehensive digital PR strategies that can help you achieve your ongoing and long term goals. Our holistic approach allows your business to maximize on the potential of the internet!