Content Marketing

Content Is Your Key to Online Success!

Since 2009, Xpedient Digital has been proudly serving the internet landscape with effective, engaging, and targeted content management solutions.

Our award winning team of content managers, developers, and marketers have the technical astuteness and expertise in a wide range of industries. As a result, your business leverages on increased visibility and branding.

Creative Process 

As you may realize, Google and other search engines have started to penalize poorly structured content with overuse of keywords and plagiarism.

As a result, many content posts and websites have been penalized and their rankings have been revised accordingly. Hence, if you thought that quantity in content marketing was always going to supersede quality, that’s not the case anymore.

At Xpedient Digital, we start our creative process right from the first interaction with your business. This is followed by:

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Content Strategy:

Once we realize your nature of business, your target audience, and your prospected goals and objectives, we devise content strategies accordingly. This includes producing content data tables on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis, depending on how long you prefer to work with us.

Through content strategy, we develop an astute and comprehensive content management plan that allows you to determine the effectiveness and results of each blog or article posted. Content strategy is not a one-off but an ongoing process that continuously evolves as your business needs do.

Content Creation:

Once we have developed content strategies that outline the number of posts per month, their submissions, their marketing, and their subject areas, we will start producing relevant content accordingly.

This includes blog posts, articles, PRs, guides, newsletters, landing pages, infographics, and much more. With a combination of various types of content and their SEO optimization, we help your posts attract eyeballs from around the web.

By implementing clear and persuasive call to actions (CTAs), we make sure your content goes viral and boosts conversions.

Content Marketing:

Once your content has been generated, we will post it on your website, share it on your social media channels, and send it for submissions across various social media platforms. Meanwhile, we implement keywords, quality backlinks, and a structured layout for your content to optimize it for search engines.

When it comes to comprehensive content management, Xpedient Digital is the epitome of success. Content can be a highly effective marketing tool for your business, and with our assistance, you can market your business and services with content that sells!