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Xpedient Digital is a digital marketing agency that offers reliable, comprehensive, and measureable solutions. We are a data informed and content led firm with an award winning staff that blends technical astuteness with expertise in content, social media, and SEO to help promote your brand value. This allows you to grow your targeted audience and translate your online efforts into real time success!

Regardless of what industry or sector you operate in, we make sure that we deliver measurable results with our digital marketing endeavors. Once you choose to work with us, we help you have a better understanding of your business on the web, which is the first step towards sustainable growth and productivity in the e-business world!

Services That Guarantee Exposure

Delivering the Right Message to the Right Audience at the Right Time

Xpedient Digital offers you a host of services that are directed towards meeting your specific needs. Once our team gets in touch with you, our digital staff will understand the nature of your business, your ongoing and long term goals, and how you intend to introduce yourself to the internet. Once we are aligned with your business and your online marketing needs, we will then serve you with:

Content Marketing

By developing monthly and quarterly content strategies, we help your brand get close to your customers to add value. It allows us to implement blogs, articles, guides, infographs, & other types of content that is targeted towards your audience. With content creation, we create assets for your business that promote branding and potential conversions.


We integrate seo in everything we do for your business on the web. This allows you to leverage on improved visibility on search engines & around the web. With search strategy, keyword implementation, Meta optimization, and local as well as international SEO, we make sure your content & business profile attracts as many relevant viewers as possible.

Digital PR

Through content and social discovery networks, both free and paid, we boost your online presence & engagement with digital PRs that are relevant, appealing & newsworthy. Having formed fruitful relationships with bloggers, editors, online publishers, social media experts & influences, we place your content strategically to build an audience.

Social Media

Social media is now crucial for any online branding strategy. Through social media marketing and optimization, we help you maximize ROI from our strategies & boost consumer engagement. This allows you to build a brand loyalty & sustain audience growth on various platforms.

Website Development

With experience in website development and design, we help you implement an online profile that reaches a wider audience. From website development to graphic design, and infographics to implementing themes, we make sure your website compliments what your business is all about.

Reporting & Analytics

With Google Analytics & website tracking, we introduce transparency in our online efforts. You can measure your advertising ROI as well as tracking your audience. It also allows you to measure the effectiveness of our solutions comprehensively on a timely basis as per your convenience!

Our unique approach to digital strategy allows you to lead your industry on the web. This can do more than meeting your ongoing and long term goals. With Xpedient Digital as your online business partner, we can help you translate online productivity into real time growth.

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